CMC Maserati 300S sports car 1956

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A masterpiece of architecture model: M-105 CMC Maserati 300 S, 1956
Well-known for its trident logo, Maserati is a venerable name in the world of motor sports and racing and a symbol of the rich automotive heritage distilled in Modena, Italy. CMC proudly present to you its new release -- the Maserati 300S.

Technical data of the CMC-model:
  1. Model: Assembled, handmade precision model
  2. Manufacuter: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Art.-No.: M-105
  5. Color: red
  6. Driver: Stirling Moss, Piero Taruffi, Hardy Schell, Jean Behra
  7. Single parts: 1,838
  8. Limited Edition: ---
Model details:
  • Composed of 1,838 single parts
  • The instruments of the dashboard are authentically recreated, and so is the upside down face of the rev meter
  • Detailed elaborate drum brakes and removable hand-spoked wheels with authentic-looking tires
  • The spare wheel is fastened with three leather straps, as in the original vehicle
  • Gas and oil tank are made of stainless steel plate and hand-assembled with an elaborate rivet arrangement
  • Another highlight in CMC'efforts -- the shapely Maserati 300S as an exquisite 1:18 scale model
  • The underbody of the Maserati 300S is a masterpiece by itself. Nothing is missing
  • An awesome amount of detailing. Even the elaborate suspension and the brake unit are recreated true to the original
  • A centerpiece, the detailed recreation of the husky 6-cylinder in-line-engine that is complete with wiring and cabeling
  • The functional doors, and removable bonnet and trunck lid. The seats and head rest are upholstered in genuine leather.
  • The Spartan cockpit interior is typical of the racing cars from that era
Description of the original vehicle: Only 26 (27) units of this racing car were produced and fitted with three different body designs (in the front section) between 1955 and 1959.
Many components of the successful Formula 1 race car 250F were incorporated into the 300S. By do doing, Maserati managed to create a sports car with a lot of potentials. It immediately captured the attention of a long list of renowned race drivers and racing teams, who rode the car successfully in countless races.

With top drivers such as Stirling Moss, Piero Taruffi, Harry Schell and Jean Behra behind the wheel of its 300S, the Maserati team was able to achieve a great vicotry in the 1,000 km endurance race on May 27, 1956 at the N├╝rburgring. Further successes followed at many more famous race tracks around the world during the same year. At a result, the 300S finished 2nd in the 1956 World Sportscar Championship.

CMC has crafted an authentic replica of a 1956 300S original. This original vehicle holds a very special place in the 300S history, because it is the only 300S that integrates a number of features and components rarely seen in the other 300S units.

Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. Motor: 6-cylinder in-line-engine
  2. Bore x stroke: 84 x 90 mm
  3. Maximum output: 260 hp at 6,500 rpm
  4. Top speed: approx. 280 km/h
  5. two-seat sports spyder with aluminium body and tubular space frame
  6. right hand drive
  7. Wheel base: 2,310 mm
  8. Track front: 1,300 mm
  9. Track rear: 1,250 mm
  10. Construction period / quantity: 1955-1959 / 26(27)